About IECC

IECC supports its clients with a focus on delivering services in three core areas:

  • Executive sparring, mentoring & coaching: We support entrepreneurs, executives, senior managers and employees in unlocking their potential, to reach meaningful and important objectives.

  • Cross-cultural training & coaching: We assist entrepreneurs, executives, senior managers in bridging gaps between different country and company cultures. Increased cross-cultural awareness and effective communication are key factors, when operating in an international business environment.

  • Management consulting: As professional sparring partners, we provide input to help you refine or change existing paradigms, in order to reach the best possible solutions. Through organizational diagnosis, intervention and leadership development, we assist you in identifying areas for improvement and facilitate the change and transformation processes needed for your success.
Joan Qi Si Høj

Joan Qi Si Høj, the founder of IECC, offers a unique set of skills and expertise that bring value to her clients:

  • Education: Joan earned her coaching and consulting diploma in Clinical Organisational Psychology from INSEAD (France). She also holds a M.Sc in biochemical engineering from Denmark Technical University and a B.Sc in Business Administration from Copenhagen Business School.

  • Multi-cultural mindset: Joan grew up in China and has acquired her high level of cultural awareness and cross-cultural experience from living and working globally. She has lived in Denmark, Switzerland, France and China and has worked in more than 50 countries during her corporate career.

  • Broad international business experiences: Joan offers 25 years of international business experience from renowned international pharmaceuticals, biochemical-industrial and food ingredients companies. During the majority of her career, she has held leadership positions. Her career encompasses experience in various professional areas such as research, new product development, intellectual property management, global and regional sales & marketing management and facilitation (a global and cross-company consulting and auditing function reporting to and assisting executive management in ensuring a company's sustainability).

  • Substantial management consulting experiences: During her corporate career as a senior facilitator she conducted numerous management facilitations and assessments of organizational effectiveness. Using her "holistic" hands-on experiences, she has worked extensively in the area of organization assessment, leadership development, supported senior management of many companies around the world in improving their management and business processes. Further, she helped senior management to ensure that their organizational strategy and management processes support the achievement of their business strategy. Furthermore, she designed and conducted tailored leadership development training programs and workshops.

  • Languages: Joan speaks Chinese, English and Danish fluently and German well.

This unique set of skills and Joan's extensive experiences enable her to bring unique insight to the organizations and people she works with and a true international mindset that can assist her clients' efforts in bridging cultural gaps.