Cross cultural coaching

If you are facing the challenge of aligning your organization or people and culture to your business goals, we can help you. IECC cross-cultural coaching can help you with:

  • Enhancing the intercultural awareness; understanding the possible impact of different cultures on work relationships and social life

  • Improving the intercultural skills for more effective communication and conflict management in other culture environments

  • Better understanding of the Chinese & European cultural values, business etiquette and their similarities as well as differences

  • Enhancing the interpersonal skills (realism, tolerance of ambiguity, respect of otherness, communication awareness) including the ability to establish relationships (empathy, knowledge discovery, commitment, behavioral flexibility, dissenting)

Individual Executive sparring, mentoring & Coaching, leadership competency development

    Using IECC as your sparring partner, you can have the benefits:

  • Individualized leadership development that builds a leader's capability to achieve short- and long-term business goals, clarifying your personal goals and priorities.

  • In a confidential and safe space, where you as the executive can talk about what’s on your mind, share insights, think the unthinkable, come up with alternatives and rehearse their next steps. This safe, open and trustful space shall provide a challenging but rewarding and enriching experience.

  • Insights to the views and positions of others, better able to see the perspectives, new strategic directions, which may not be seen before, and the confidence to tackle difficult situations/issues.

Organization & Governance, Optimizing Business & Management Process

As a management consultant, IECC can help you with:

  • Optimizing the effectiveness of your organization and management systems in alignment with your company and business objectives

  • Improving the strategic planning and, business goal setting process

  • Improving the performance management process

  • Supporting your major change and transformations process that is required to meet new business and people needs

  • Risk management through compliance auditing (e.g. investigation of compliance status and define changing actions)

  • Optimizing communication process

  • Enhancing negotiation skills

These three main areas of services can be offered either as individual services or as a combined package that may help the executives to significantly enhance the performance of their organization and achieve their personal development goals at the same time.